Pain in my ass

I’ve installed Moveable Type 4.25B2 on this server that I host on and am trying to get see what it can do. What I feared most was the crawl and hell that was MT4.1X, where the code was so heavy, that it caused a Server Error 500 every time I made a post. 

Now, there is some new hell that is happening. MT4.25B2 has a need for Image:: Magick. Image::Magick is an app that resizes images. I presume that this is needed since MT is PERL based and not PhP based like WordPress. PhP has native image manipulation built into it. PERL, I guess doesn’t. 
This is causing an error now when I make a post. Or log into the dashboard. 
I still have faith in Movable Type. 
And I contacted my hosting company about what’s on the server. 

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