The purple one

The Purple One mural on 15th ave and Grand Ave

Camera fun

I’ve been developing a camera for action figures. It’s based on the Olympus OM-D EM-10 series of cameras. Complete with multiple removable lenses.  

Beach Humanity

This might be one of my favorite moments In humanity this year. Just a couple, on the beach loving each other. They don’t care about the rest of the world because their only world is each other.

Doomsday Machine

Every time I head into a Food City and see a Cream Horn, I literally only see the Doomsday Machine from the original Star Trek. Well when you have a 3D printer and a decent camera…

Fun with Robo-Texts

I’ve lately have been having fun with robo-text messages I’ve been getting. Answering them back and will continue to answer them back with even more and more stupid phrases and words to see if I can get a fun Mad-Libs type of pseudo-conversation going on between me and this scripted program. I do this with


Been modeling a P-90 that can work in the hands of a 1:18 figure. Almost done. I just need to add some styling to it. The magazine is removable.

One Regret in Life

If there is one regret I have after leaving the University, was that I was never able to get this kitten fridge magnet and put it to good use. This would have been especially wonderful on a day when there was a faculty tour.


Started designing a dropship to fit in the world that I’ve been wanting to make. Been working on some items. Sketching out ideas before I make 3D versions of everything. Kitbashing some items on figures. Also designing some items that need to be fabricated.