The purple one

The Purple One mural on 15th ave and Grand Ave

Camera fun

I’ve been developing a camera for action figures. It’s based on the Olympus OM-D EM-10 series of cameras. Complete with multiple removable lenses.  

Beach Humanity

This might be one of my favorite moments In humanity this year. Just a couple, on the beach loving each other. They don’t care about the rest of the world because their only world is each other.

Doomsday Machine

Every time I head into a Food City and see a Cream Horn, I literally only see the Doomsday Machine from the original Star Trek. Well when you have a 3D printer and a decent camera…

Fun with Robo-Texts

I’ve lately have been having fun with robo-text messages I’ve been getting. Answering them back and will continue to answer them back with even more and more stupid phrases and words to see if I can get a fun Mad-Libs type of pseudo-conversation going on between me and this scripted program. I do this with

One Regret in Life

If there is one regret I have after leaving the University, was that I was never able to get this kitten fridge magnet and put it to good use. This would have been especially wonderful on a day when there was a faculty tour.


Started designing a dropship to fit in the world that I’ve been wanting to make. Been working on some items. Sketching out ideas before I make 3D versions of everything. Kitbashing some items on figures. Also designing some items that need to be fabricated.

Swivel arm

Starting a new project for materials to hold other things. Today, we’re making that swivel arm. This is the beginning of the arm. This area is where you plug in the device stuff. Next will be adding the middle arm and then we’ll work on the base that plugs into the body itself. I’m going