Future Worries

I just found out today that there is a good chance that the University where I work at won’t get affected anymore by the current cuts, but will actually get more money. More earmarked monies that will allow us to create new online learning courses and really enact new learning environments for students, faulty and staff.
I’ll have a job for the time being, unless they gut us around July 1(which is possible,but there is a bigger chance that jobs will disappear around Decemeber(why do they do that again, holidays, high suicide rates and then throw in layoffs, assholes)). There isn’t a snowball chance in hell about getting a raise, I haven’t had one in nearly 2 years. I might have to ask to get reclassified in a new position to get more monies. I’m also putting forward new ideas on the how to implement new ideas that we need to go forward(I might have more on that later).
Then again, nobody gets rich working for the State*. But we do get great benefits.

Unless you contract for the State, then you get more money then god.

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