Over the years, I’ve made a lot of sites. Most of them have been for the University, some have been some freelance clients.

Voices Unheard is a digital storytelling site about superfund survivors. They wanted a better way to display the information for the oral and visual histories they recored over the normal blocks that would have to be used in Drupal’s default block layout, but also had to be something that was no coding for the clients since they didn’t know how to code or wanted to learn to code.

A content type was created and appropriate fields to manage the information. All the client had to do was add the story that they wanted to tell and let the program do all of the heavy lifting.

Interior screenshot of Voice Unheard story

This was the first template created to be more inline with the shifting University design outlook. There was a policy in our department that we wouldn’t use other themes only our own, so we have to create our own themes. This was created in it’s place to fit something that faculty could use and have the same look and feel as the University.

Peter Kresan senior lecturer at the University of Arizona wanted a place to store the numerous photographs that he’s taken over the course of his career. He wanted something that was simple and visually pleasing that he can showcase his wonderful photographs as well as a place for people to get into contact with him.

Over my long career at the University of Arizona that I held at the Office of Instruction and Assessment, myself and my partner created a ton of faculty, lab, class, and general sites. It would be fun to add them all, but it might be easier to add a link to the general site that has most of the sites listed.

Fire, Steel, & Wood is the site for artist and landscaper Doug Hall. He also wanted a site to showcase his award winning sculptures.

This is a visual personal favorite site from 2002. While an undergraduate I was commissioned to create a site from a lecture series that was sponsored by the College of English, called Poetics and Politics. It was a bunch of Native American authors doing readings of their works. The site has been shut down since there, but a friend in my old department was tasked with creating an updated version of the site in 2011.

Lyris Landscapes needed a new site to house their new website for their award winning landscapes. I had worked with the company in the past and had created a theme that could be used to create a new site for them.