I have a confession by way of an admission

I have no clue how to shop gifts for other people. When I shop, it’s generally based on functionality. “What do you need?” It’s a basic premise that makes life easier. You get things you know they need, or books if they are young, and that solved problems. 

Unfortunately for me, my wife likes to make jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets and once in a blue moon earrings. Which is great and all, but when you get someone presents like that, it seems to lose it’s meaning. You’re getting someone something that they are going to turn around and sell. 
And I won’t do gift cards. I find those things to be absolute hell. They are the lazy person’s way of getting around thought. Unless you really don’t care about the person, then it’s perfectly fine. 
There needs to be a mindfulness about what to get. The perfume she really wanted, I picked that up for her 30th birthday. Getting another would be pointless. She doesn’t want or need anything else from those lotion places in the mall(the name escapes me at the moment). 
I would, but I don’t really care to do it this year is get her a movie set. I did that for the last four years. I don’t want to do it again. She won’t let me shop for clothes for her(I think she fears that I might get her something that’s really for me to enjoy(not to wear, but clothes that are listed on the five minutes to naked list)).
The functional is out right now. Movies are a no-no this year and so is lotion stuff. I won’t do a gift card, even though a $50 to Starbucks would help her out, and clothing isn’t an option unless she’s picking out. 
I hate buying presents. 

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