As I get older, I start to wonder if I should stop looking for new music. I know that sounds really odd, stop looking for music. After a while though, I start to feel like a dirty old man listening to new music. Maybe I should start sliding down the dial to truly boring people’s SMOOTH JAZZ. 

I look at the people for the radio ads on television and would never believe that anyone would ever admit to owning up to listening to the station unless they were being paid. Smooth Jazz stations are stations that employers make their employers listen to so no one gets offended. 
I can’t do smooth jazz. Instead, I’ll have my over the ear headphones on my head listening to these new bands that come out. Being one of those well preserved guys listening to music getting long looks from people half my age trying to figure out of I’m a lecherous old man trying to get into a girls pants. I’m just there for the music. 

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