Mexican Candy

I had a great grandfather(paternal) that was named Mexican Candy. No one really knew his real name, they all called him Mexican Candy. He was weird guy. So weird that when people talked at Christmas time, they talked about his strange antics. He use to pack-mule to Springerville, not in any related to Jerry, and this would take a couple of weeks. 

Why they called him Mexican Candy, I need to ask about. I’m sure there is a story. Like my maternal grandfather is called Chevy. He was almost the family Chewy. Instead he’s Chevy. 
So Mexican Candy would cut off the tales of donkeys that wouldn’t move or listen. Which is a just a strange thing to do in any time. 
My dad was in the hospital for a while. His bed mate was a rep from his home area. He didn’t know that my dad was related to Mexican Candy until he saw my grandfather Birdy. Then as my dad said, “he wouldn’t shut the fuck up about him.”
I dare you to tell me of a relative that has a cooler nick-name than Mexican Candy. I dare you. 

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