Star Wars

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Coming into see Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, my expectations were low. I’ve had blind dates with high expectations. Going to funeral, there was more of an expectation to meet someone. BvS, there were no expectations. None. Which should have been my expectations with Man of Steel. A movie that when I saw the


Picked up a workbench yesterday. A place where I can work out on customs. It’s also high enough where I can stand and do work stuff.

Just one more thing…

It’s been easier to make blog entries since I got this stupid tablet.


Time creeps up on us all. It tends to register more when family starts to fall ill. Recently my grandfather fell ill and my own father and uncle rushed to be with him. The doctor requested that family be there because they thought it was the end for him. He had a gangrene infection. Hearing

The Unexpected

Never figured that I’d have to update my son’s computer for a Windows Update. Never thought.


My dad constantly feeds birds in the area leaving a block of feed. The he waits. And observes the birds for a month. Looking at their habits. He takes a great of joy watching them. He purchased this place nearly two years ago. Been making repairs and fixes to the place. The Orange tree next


Sometimes you just have to wonder if a mustache sticker on your phone is worth it.

Huey Helicopter

My wife found this helicopter at a Bookman’s Bookstore. It’s wonderful 1:18 scale. I might go over it with a black wash to give it a good realistic feel. She paid $12. Best deal ever. She also found a Cobra Rage for $5 and there was the End or Attack set for $3.50. The boy

WordPress Android

The WordPress Android app seems to interact with the 1&1 servers I purchase space with better than the iOS app that runs on my phone.  The ability to upload photos is possible.

GPad F

Finally got a tablet. It’s a strange thing to use something foreign like this. Been using iOS for so long that the newness of Android is jarring. The camera isn’t too bad either. But really, when it’s going to get used, it’s in natural light only, otherwise there will be a lot of noise.