G.I. Joe


Made a custom of Overkill. At least I think it’s Overkill, I had the parts and thought it would look great together.  

Close up of the figures

    Figured it would be nice to get close ups of all the figures. I don’t know what to call the new figure. She’s made up of a few different figures. Scarlet’s (Rise of Cobra) head, Scarlet (Renegades) torso, Lady Jaye’s(50th) arms and Ninja Combat Viper’s legs.   Cover Girl’s face was one of the

Finished some figures

A billion years ago I started a Cover Girl custom. I finished her tonight. Also finished Daina, made someone new and finished The Bride(Bea Kiddo) from Kill Bill.      

The Bride… Finally Finished.

    It took me a while to finally finish the Bride from Kill Bill. It uses Invisiable Woman head, Cover Girl body and Storm Shadow lower legs and feet. 


With a huge excess Social Clash sets at Toys R Us, and finding heads casted of Daina from the October Guard, you too can make your own custom figure. Now the conumdrum for is which body to use for the custom? Lady Jaye with Scarlet arms or Scarlet and Ninja Combat Cruiser legs with Lady

Ordered stuff from Marauder’s Inc

Ordered some stuff from Marauder’s Inc last week while they had their 20% off sale. I should have purchased the T9 ages ago. The M4 is nice, but those T9 with folding stock and removable clip are divine.

New figure

      Decided to make a figure close to me. Used a Tunnel Rat torso and upper arms. Lower Kwinn arms and legs. I had to take all the boots off of the lower legs. Repainted the shirt to be red. Still need to make the belt and face right. The face on Agent


Since IDW has brought back G.I. Joe, there have been two things that have really changed my opinion about some of the characters. One was Chuckles, the take on him was fantastic in the Cobra series. Second was the use of Mainframe. Really made something special with him. He went from support to main character.

Red Shadows Muton

  There are a lot of small joints to paint on this thing. The body is from a Hammer Ground Assault Drone from Iron Man 2. The right arm is from a Hammer Weapons Assault Drone and the alternative head from the Combat Ninja from G.I. Joe Retaliation Wave 3.5. Still working on converting Some