Red Squad

  Red Squad, there might need to be touch ups to the faces. 


A little bit of guilt

I won an auction for Trudy Chacon Avatar figure. That win was for one red cent, plus $11.50 for shipping. When I gets to me, it was in a box marked fragile. Beaten to high hell. You can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. The box marked ‘fragile’ but the box beaten

…in bed

One of my favorite things to do while eating anything deemed Chinese is reading the fortune cookie and adding in bed to the end of the fortune. Even better when toys get to hold the fortune. There more than a few that haven’t been photographed, but those might be best if Creepy Woody is used.


Because really, why not recreate my work desk? Let’s make these figures live in a mild manner world.


The Stargate printed out and now it’s time to add the wires and put it together.