The List

I’ve been purchasing things for my boys for a while now for Christmas. I learned after a while that leaving everything until the last possible moment is a bad idea. Last year I had fun and went a month early, even did Black Friday and did 32 hours of uptime after a large dose of turkey. This year I started further back and just have gone forward with no hint of trying to do Black Friday.

It’s been a combination of eBay and early hits at stores with one Craig’s List for godo measure. Outside what we still ned to get for Kid A, Kid B was sorta cheap.

This is the latest¬†acquisition¬†for Kid B, two Republic Gunships from Star Wars. It was a lucky purchase since normally these things are hella expensive, the listing was ‘Gun Ship’ and not ‘gunship.’ This slight error made it so there wasn’t a ton of people bidding on this item.

Four hours before, I had a bid on another gunship and that one settled at $70. A couple days before that one stopped at $120. All of a sudden, 2 for $61 was the sale of the century. Here is a photo of what they look like. Once everything is has been sent in, I’ll be taking photos of everything. It will be a nice list of goodies.

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