My son has been wanting  a Hot Rod, or if you wish Rodimus Minor, it wasn’t until the summer at some toy fair that we, learned about Hot Rod getting a toy that was pretty much long over due. Yesterday I had dinner with my Aunt. Afterwards since she lives in Sierra Vista it was easier to just let me ride back. A quick drop off to Toys R Us down the street, they told me to call the following day.

Lo and behold the truck that came in was plentiful with their Transformers. They held one for me as I rushed over. Taking my bike and catching a bus since that should be the easiest way to get there. Bus and bike.

Found, got it, rode back to  catch the bus. The bus came, with a full bike rack. I didn’t want to wait so I rode on. Then I passed the same bus. The distance became greater and greater. I looked back and noticed that I couldn’t see the bus anymore. By the time I got to work, I was wet, sweaty and pretty tired.

But I got Lucian’s Hot Rod.

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