This is my semi-dream car

Because of my son, Lucian, I have  a dream of owning a yellow Fiat500. The Fiat500 shares a history with Lupin the 3rd, a fictional thief. The Fiat500 also shares some history with the movie Cars and one of the people behing Studio Ghibili, the studio behind Spirited Away and Porcco Rosso from the valley of the Wind.

The little Italian car is now making a comeback in a big way since it acquired controlling interest in GM. Late this year the revamped 500 is coming to the United States. This time with a possible engine that is low on CO2 gas and fuel economy that can almost match a Prius. Here we get a car with lines and curves that at times are sorely missed in todays world is slants with a great fuel economy.

Fiat 500

Fiat 500 - Coming soon


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