Strange Morning

It’s been a strange morning. Sleep was normal, nothing that would cause tossing & turning. Then my sister woke me up this morning in a slight hysterics about a guy asleep on the couch. Someone broke into the house last night… He broke in, smashing the frame of the door. Then he passed out on the couch.

My sister woke up the guy. When he woke up, he was surprised where he was, very sorry about what had happened. He was looking for his shoes, watch and glasses. Outside in the back, the furniture stuff was tossed all around. There’s a good chance that he was drunk, angry that what he thought was his home was locked and he started to throw a fit. He broke the door down. He removed all articles on his person and placed on the desk before crashing out on the couch.

The cops were called the record the event and take away our visitor. Since it was early in the morning, there was seven cops cars waiting outside. It almost made me wish that I had meat in the fridge so I could place it on the BBQ for them to have something to eat. I’d offer beer but at 6 a.m., I really couldn’t see anyone wanting a beer that early. The college kids next door, yes, cops no.

It’s a strange way to start the morning.

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