Something I’m Proud of

To day I did something that I’m incredibly proud of doing today. It wasn’t finishing an illustration or a site. Something far more complex and satisfying. There is this woman, I’m guessing maybe 22 if a day that works at the Fat Greek(turn down your volume, they have instant music that’s very annoying), she’s very pretty and very flirty and talkative. It makes you feel good to be there and a nice stroke to the ego when you need it. 

There I was, getting lunch. She, I don’t know her name, I’ve never bothered to ask it, was training a new person and she, the new person commented on my wallet. It has a pigeon smoking. I said that I had to get a new one since I had ran the other one into the ground after a decade of use. I was asked how old I am. I showed them my old school license. 

I said the honest truth me being 31 and the cuter cashier turned a shade of red and had to walk to the back. Saying that she was sorry for assuming that I was her age. 

It’s not a huge victory, but I’ll take it where I can get it. 

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