Wrestler At His Day Job – Fight Evil

We all know that the masked Luchedore is one of a proud tradition of where to earn shame is to lose their mask. This also extends to the real world outside of the ring where they have to sometimes have to work in a cubicle to earn their paycheck. 
Here are the staff photos that need to be taken for their official company badge. The first photo was the best photo taken and used for the badge. The photographer couldn’t understand why the Luchedore could take a serious photo.  Unfortunately, the photographer couldn’t understand that this was a serious pose.  


Take 3
Take 27
And of course the day job that they have to have to meet day-to-day needs, child support and alimony payments to their wive that also get padded so they won’t tell the world their secret identity to the world. Thus thrusting them in to shame. 
All photos taken by the grand genius Gary Mackender.

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