Sleep styles

I’ve been having problems lately… It’s been sleep related, lack of sleep and anxiety over having to constantly clean up after everyone. I spent a few hours cleaning up after my mother-in-law’s unnatural mess in the living room. She spent two weeks making a dent in a mess that would have Marc Summers in the corner crying while having a heart attack. It was bad. So has been trying to constantly clean up after everyone. 

No one wants to help. I can’t really say anything about my 3 year old, he actually does try to help with some clean up. 
There is an article on Wired about three things that would help you sleep better and function better. The whole sleeping 8 eights a night is a misconception, it suppose to be ten. Also sleeping in is suppose to help with being more like Ernie and less like Bert, to paraphrase the article.
If I can, I’ll be trying this tonight. Sleeping longer, getting my son in to bed sooner and then knocking my ass out so I could feel rested. My body feels like it couldn’t even be used in science fiction. I don’t want to snap at my boys over nothing, but my patience is nano thin right now. 

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