Friday 10 – 03 – 2008 RoundUp Road Rash

It’s Friday and we all know that means is paychecks, hookers, whores, booze, birthdays and for me shuttle rides. Just the shuttle ride for me. It’s the back and forth game to Phoenix again. 

On the plus side when I get to Phoenix, I get to watch Iron Man. On the downside it’s going to be all by myself as my wife does some babysitting. Which might be OK, since she already saw it and maybe my son might like the movie enough. If it has the big booms and fast thing and just not that much in the way of “boring.”
You can only hope in these matters. 
Another plus side is going to be listening to Yesterday’s New Qunitet, which really isn’t a jazz quintet, but one guy, Madlib, who played all the instruments and then decided that he was arrange everything later on. He does so with a great deal of brilliance. If you’re thinking Kenny G is jazz, be glad this is just a post that you’re reading and not an honest face to face conversation, I might have to beat you senseless. This is more like fussion be-Bop jazz done in the 70’s with enough jazz to make it laid back with an edge. 
Obviously it was done this century, but it has those sensibilities. 
The birthday is an old friend new, celebrating another birthday. 
The hooker and whores a fabrication, I just like those words. 
The paycheck is next week. 
Next week plus one is when I’m broke again from paying all the bills. 

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