I lost a Coke to a Bee

I wish I was able to lie and say that a million bees swarmed down and took my coke from me, they needed the carbonated, carmel caffeinated, high fructose corn syrup to save their hive, but no. It was one lonely bee who decided that it wanted my coke, and I hate killing things. 

I was eating lunch with my friend and coworker Mike. We went to the 3 Cheese and a Noodle, the campus run Italian place. It’s not bad, it isn’t horrible, but it’s pretty much like eating Italian food from a local fast food joint. It’s passable as food. 
So we eat outside. It’s nice today. It’s been across between wet and sunny. For a few minutes, the clouds come in a sprinkle us before the sun follows it drying it all up. Rinse, lather, repeat. We sit outside and a few bees want some free lunch. We move, 50 feet away. Another bee comes up to us. Trying to figure out what Mike is and his giant hat, the meds that he’s on makes him sensitive to the sun. And then it tries to figure me out before it sees/ detects the coke. 
It flies to the coke and start to hover around it. In it’s own language of movements and hip shakes, it was telling me, “FOR I, THE POLLENATOR OF WORLDS, SCION QUEEN BEEZANDRATITIES THE GREAT HAVE, NOUGAT! CLAIM THIS NECTAR OF THE METAL GIANTS! TRY TO FREE IT AND IT WILL COST YOU YOUR LIFE!!!” It flew into the cups, out of the cup and into.
It was having sex with the cup. 
Mike left the table to go inside. I wanted to follow, but I wanted my coke. I waited for the bee to fly completely out before taking the cup. Nougat followed. Warning me again of my sudden death if I didn’t release the coke. I was calmly tying to explain that I purchased the coke and didn’t want to kill the bee over a coke. The bee didn’t want to leave the coke without a fight. 
I left the coke on the table and went inside. 
The bee took my coke. 

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