Stormtroopers Invade America

Last night it was a cliché. It was a dark and stormy night. Before the storm started, the clouds that rolled into Tucson looked like Star Destoryers from Star Wars. Huge long clouds that hide the giant ships as they dropped in from space. I got my younger brother outside to check them out. 

I then had him imagine the what the ships would look like as they came into the view of people after dropping hard from the sky. A giant flaming cloud that would dissipate to show a giant ship with thousands of smaller ships just flying out of it. At this point most people would just shit themselves and run inside. 
My brother said it would be time to get the guns out. I asked what good would that do when they have blasters. Then we talked about them sweeping people out of homes. 
“Who’s there?”
” ->click<- Mail service. ->click<- “

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