Wet Pants, and Starbucks

Starbucks has resorted to using cheaper lids. That or they just got a bad batch at this one store. Which seems really possible. Anyhoo. Melissa, Lucian and myself were in the car at Starbucks waiting in line to get our respected fixes, Double Shot, Vanilla milk and tea. Lucian also happened to be playing with my seat beat, moving as far as he could out and then letting it go so the seatbelt locked and I could move all that well, It was all fun until the tea came. Melissa had been warning me about the lids. They have been a bit cheap for a while. Melissa’s coworker had a tea fall apart on her, and the only way you can handle the cups was by the cup and never ever hold it near the lid. 

We get the drinks. I’m trying to get the seat belt clipped back in. Melissa is handing me the tea while I’m doing this and absentmindedly I grab the cup and it pops open for a second. Spilling tea down the backside of my shorts. Cold tea, crotch up the crack. Oh god that was cold. I screamed like I was girl being scared at a slumber party. 
For the entire trip home, I was sitting there in tea that never seemed to get warm. My ass was cold and I just wanted to get home to take a shower. When we get back, I get out and Melissa just starts to laugh. My entire backside looks like I peed myself. I walk inside and my mother-in-law is there and she hears of me spilling tea and sees nothing, until I walk past her where she and Melissa starts to laugh their asses off. 
It was funny. It was really funny. And really wet.

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