Lost my voice

This sucks. I can’t talk with anyone over a whisper. Which when you’re with a three year old, makes everything a little bit harder. Kids always ask questions. The best way to gauge to sheer volume of questions that children ask. Think back to high school or college and that one really annoying person in class who would slow down the progress of class by asking the dumbest question or interjecting with an absurd amount of information that is beyond the need or relevance of the class you’re taking. That’ what a small child will ask in a span of a morning. This is just to expand of get a concept. Which is pretty cool. 

Last night, along with the Lupin the 3rd movies, Lucian really wanted the Bender(Futurama) toy. My son has class. Along with that toy, I picked up a Batman and Flash based off the comic New Frontier, they were clearance items, buy one, get one free. Lucian was really excited about Bender and wouldn’t put the toy down. 
As soon as we got home, he played with Bender for a little bit, then he wanted to play with the Flash and Batman for the rest of the night and even right now, at nine in the morning. I have to play the Flash, and Lucian is Batman. He even has the PJ’s to prove it(when I ask him who I am, he says I’m Superman). 
But all that right now is a bit on hold since I have to mime everything to Luc. Which he can’t understand to begin with at this point in time. As it is, he looks at me like I’m possessed by the ghost of Marcel Marcel. 
I can’t really speak, I can whisper.
Maybe this a nice little sign that I have to take the kids to see WALL•E. I wanted to take them on Friday, but Melissa slept until 3:30 in the afternoon and this was the day that I puked up a ton. I would have like to have done it today or yesterday, but Devon’s friend has been spending the night that last two nights. I just wanted to take the boys not the neighborhood. I know it sounds selfish, but I just wanted to do something with my family. When you bring along friends with pre-teens, they tend to scuttle about to weird places. With Devon, it tends to be in the front of the theater. It just a place where I, Melissa nor Lucian want to sit for about ninety minutes. We, Melissa and I, will walk out afterwards old. Neck in such an odd position for the rest of the day. 

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