Been A Few Days

Last Tuesday, I didn’t fall asleep. At all. I was up until about seven in the morning just watching television. I couldn’t fall asleep. My head was killing me and my temperature was up to about 101.4. It didn’t go down until Thursday about 5 in the afternoon. This was about two hours on a shuttle trying to get to my wife and kids. I was wondering when the people’s face where going to stop melting. 

It was around Chandler Rd exit. 

It didn’t get any better when I got up to Phoenix either. After a night here, I had spent the day with a sinus headache and with dried sinus, what did come out was really about ten pounds snot at a time, and my stomach was so tied up that it I threw up for about thirty minutes. 
The toilet had about half a burger, a bratwurst, and a quarter of a 8 lbs. watermelon. Seedless watermelon, but that’s a lie, there were was a lot of seeds when I looked down. Lots of seeds. SO many fucking seeds. Seedless watermelon. Yeah OK. Then again, they could have grown in my stomach. 
While I was puking, and with a headache, I did noticed that the toilet was leaking. It was the float/value thing that was busted. so that had to be replaced. I can’t this was something that I was thinking about while I was puking. That was fixed this morning. 
So now everything is better. Except for the snot that I keep on spiting on out. Looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters took a dump in my head and I’m spitting out his shit. 
Lucian is enjoying his two new movies, Lupin the 3rd Farewell to Nostradamus and Dead or Alive. He really liked the Farewell to Nostradamus movie. I liked that one more than the Dead or Alive movie. But they were for 2 for $10. So it was a good price. Lucian has always loved that character since the Castle and Caliostro movie. 


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