Big Boa

My first custom was if Big Boa from the IDW Cobra comic. He was the trainer for Cobra on their secret island between Japan and Russia. Ex US military he fled a scene and ran over a local in Iraq. Discharged he ended up in fight clubs in Asia before being give purpose from Cobra

Chuckles Nearly Done

I might want to giver over joint areas with a sandpaper where the paint might rub off. And possibly find a lighter blue to paint the shirt before adding the Hawaiian print.

Scrap Iron Gear

I’m still trying to figure out what to use as Scrap Iron’s gear. Do you go with a standard Viper’s vest painted in reverse colors or use Retaliation Airborne’s jump gear modded with the extra chute cut off and the stuff under it over up?

Scrap Iron

Almost done with Scrap Iron, just need to paint the holster and figure out the vest.

Star Viper almost done

The Star Viper from ARAH 72, is almost done. I just need to figure out how to make an AC/DC stencil for the shirt.

Getting Closer to Having a Peloton

I’m getting close to having a peloton of of custom figures. It’s been slow on my part to finish them. I’m half way done with painting five zombie heads. All what is left is getting some blue parts and yellow eyes. Next up is the me figure. A kit bash using existing parts just with

Beginning Scrap Iron

Scrap Iron hasn’t had a decent up from Hasbro yet. He almost did when the Renegades cartoon was out. He looked amazing too. But the second movie was about to come out and they just cancelled the cartoon instead. The Scrap Iron that has come out is based on the 25th Cobra Trooper. What better

So far with Chuckles

This a how far it’s gone with a custom Chuckles. It’s pretty much the Night Force Chuckles, except, the knees are from Ripcord (Renegades) and the lower legs are G.I. Joe Retaliation Trooper. There needs to be another coat if paint on the shirt as well as the Hawaiian design. The head is there just