Started designing a dropship to fit in the world that I’ve been wanting to make. Been working on some items. Sketching out ideas before I make 3D versions of everything. Kitbashing some items on figures. Also designing some items that need to be fabricated.

Swivel arm

Starting a new project for materials to hold other things. Today, we’re making that swivel arm. This is the beginning of the arm. This area is where you plug in the device stuff. Next will be adding the middle arm and then we’ll work on the base that plugs into the body itself. I’m going

Fusion 360

Recently I was able to get two 3d printers, XYZ DaVinci Mini W and Minimaker. Mainly to mess around with and do new things. Make things. But if you want to make something you have to build something. And Autodesk’s Fusion 360 is the way to go. There is a learning curve, but after a

iPhone Ringtones

Been missing something in your life. It might just be ringtones that you’re missing. Boy howdy, do I have some nice ringtones for your iOS. Simply download the file and unzip it. Highlight every file(or simply select the ones you want) from the folder Tones and copy them. Open up iTunes. Click on the phone

PPAP – Ringtones

  I made a ringtone for both iOS and Android based on those fantastic diddy. ppap-ios ppap-android