Beginning Scrap Iron

Scrap Iron hasn’t had a decent up from Hasbro yet. He almost did when the Renegades cartoon was out. He looked amazing too. But the second movie was about to come out and they just cancelled the cartoon instead. The Scrap Iron that has come out is based on the 25th Cobra Trooper. What better

So far with Chuckles

This a how far it’s gone with a custom Chuckles. It’s pretty much the Night Force Chuckles, except, the knees are from Ripcord (Renegades) and the lower legs are G.I. Joe Retaliation Trooper. There needs to be another coat if paint on the shirt as well as the Hawaiian design. The head is there just

Stencils for the Star a Viper

I had to make a stencil to make the AC / DC logo for the Star Viper I’m making. Breaking the stencil into two parts because I’m using normal 20lbs. paper.

G.I. Joe #72 Star Viper Progress

When you kit bash a figure together, you have to figure out what parts work. The previous post was about the Star Viper who was able to sneak into The Pit. Here is the pieces of the figure cobbled together. The head is from a spare Eaglehawk(Tomahawk) Lift Ticket. The body is from Outpost Defender

Star Viper

With some of the old G.I. Joe vehicles, I want the updated figure. Most of the vehicles, despite 30 years, are still can be very forward thinking in design. Nothing can be further from that want than the Star Viper and the Stellar Stiletto, which became one of those really cool vehicles after reading an

Cross Country

G.I. Joe Collectors Club releases a figure with membership. This years figure was Cross Country, the driver for the HAVOC. The body is retooled from other figures with a new head and vest. The head is great and the vest is magical. The head is sculpted with look more like the second season of G.I.


I’m rebooting this site, switching over to WordPress over using Drupal. The updates on Drupal can be… interesting. I’m going to make a custom Chuckles. I can’t figure out what lower legs for the custom.