GPad F

Finally got a tablet. It’s a strange thing to use something foreign like this. Been using iOS for so long that the newness of Android is jarring.

The camera isn’t too bad either. But really, when it’s going to get used, it’s in natural light only, otherwise there will be a lot of noise.


Kre-O Viper

Something blowing my mind right now. I popped on eBay for a moment & Wave 4 Kre-O Vipers are going to for stupid crazy prices. Zombie Viper crazy prices. I’ve been browsing TRU and have found 12 so far. Cheapest I saw on there was for 11 and that was because they guy placed shipping at about $8.75. Crazy.

New Mutants 98

I sold New Mutants 98, the first appearance of Deadpool, and it sold well(oddly enough, so did the first appearance of Gambit, ‘the gayest X-Man’). A friend of mine couldn’t understand why it sold for so high. So I explained it like this, “I wouldn’t put it in the same league, but it’s like getting a first edition Jane Eyre and you can see that Bronte signed it, and lightly, you can see that he sister wrote bitch on it.”