There are new cartoons for kids that are ripping on our childhood. For instance, there is a new Voltron cartoon out. I hate to be the to say this, but it isn’t half bad. Take into consideration that Voltron was monster of the day that the Lion force had to battle with the same formula. This new one takes the multi-arc strategy  to storytelling.

Plus they added kids.

I know, I know. Fucking kids. Yes, they have kids. This isn’t for you or me, it’s for children and this is their Robin. A way to view the show’s continuity from a relatable point of view. Voltron is pushing three decades. Most kids haven’t heard of Voltron unless their parents introduced it to them. It would be their gateway drug like it was for most of us into Anime.

My six year old has  watched the show from Netflix & Hulu. He knows the show. He’s familiar enough with the show to starting humming the theme on occasion and then start the transformation chant. You can expect that someone with a background of the show, he’s want more of the same. Reject change and just want the show to be the same damn thing over and over again.  He likes the new one too.

It’s easy enough for him to get and plot lines are pretty simple. There are two sets of bad guys now. Lotor and Galaxy Alliance both want Voltron destroyed. Both for different reasons. One for a simple reason & the other for a reason that made Lotor’s seem nobel.

There is an upgrade to all the tech in the show. New deux ex machina devices for all the cast members.  The lions all retain their look with some rendering. But the space of the cabin areas does seem too great. Minor quibble, this is Nicktoons so there is a budget and there will be recycling in a way that the Japanese will call excessive.

But really my six year old likes the show. Even the music. We’ll see how long that last.

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