Big Ass Scorpion

One night a week, my sister and I have dinner at my mom’s house. It’s a chance to catch up over the week & I get to do laundry. It’s pretty nice time. My sister being my sister has the balance of a drunkard on anĀ ocean linerĀ during a storm. I took her laundry to the car. My mom’s neighbor was tracking a giant scorpion with a broom and the headlights of his friends car. I had to get a photo of the scorpion before we directed the car to run over the scorpion.

I apoligize in advance for the quality of the images. This was about 20:30 with headlights, pen light and the “flash” on the phone.

Scorpion alive

This is when the scorpion was alive.

This was a minute later when it the car ran it over.

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