Console Repair

My step-son, Dev, sent in a X-Box a couple of weeks ago to get repaired for a RRoD. It’s still under warranty so fixing it seemed like a waste since it could be fixed for free by Microsoft. Last week, I was told that the machine was repaired and it’s just waiting to be transported.

That was last week. Nothing has moved forward. With a 13 year old who is constantly “bored” and one of his favorite pastimes outside of skating, so driving his 5 year old brother insane, getting the X-Box back as fast as possible is always a nice thing.

I contacted Microsoft through their Twitter page, which is about as fast as those old real time chat sessions from yester-year and found out that there have been some pretty interesting storms hitting Texas. The idea of a storm is pretty foreign here in Arizona. We get heavy stripper clouds here. Just a lot of teasing before they move on to somewhere else.

I was told to look soon to the page again. There should be some updates. Maybe some sanity in the house where we don’t have to hear both the boys fighting over… I have no clue what the hell they fight over.

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