OK, this made my morning seem downright boring

I get a text message from my wife about my mother-in-law(MiL) leaving in a huff and speeding away in her Jeep without mentioning where she was going. Melissa had no clue what was going on and neither did anyone else. It only felt weirder when no one, not Melissa or her brother Jon, couldn’t reach her on her mobile phone.

Let’s cut to later that night when I finally got to talk to Melissa. She fills in the rest of the story. What happened was when MiL got home, there was a truck parked out front of our house. MiL being MiL, decided that she had to call Jon, read off the license number, “in case anything happens.” She’s doing this while checking the mail in guise of actually making sure the truck isn’t the property of somebody who will come back and rob us clean.

The truck leaves.

MiL runs to the door to ring the bell to get someone to help her while she goes all Starsky and Hutch and drives off after them. She’s on the phone calling the cops. Talking about how there was someone who she thought was possibly casing the house to rob later. She’s chasing the truck, their both going about 50 down a 35. The cops, there are multiple cars here and a helicopter, start in on the chase too. Unfortunately, for MiL, she’s the one who’s being pulled over.

The other vehicle was getting freaked out by the lady in the Jeep and called the cops too.

There are two cop cars when she was pulled over and a helicopter. They called in a supervisor to explain to MiL that you can’t chase someone who you  might think was doing something bad. If you see them take a child or commit a crime, yes. Park in front of your house while on the phone, no.

This makes finding someone who broke into your house passed out on the couch seem a little tame doesn’t it?

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