Art School

I never went to art school. I thought it was basically kids getting back at their parents. Unfortunately for me, I’ve been told I’m talented. Or at least incredibly visual. 

I stayed away from Art School. Except for the class that I took and had what I called an easy ‘A.’ I bullshitted a lot in that class. Even the professor knew it. But he knew that I was able to bullshit it convincingly. 
Instead I received a degree in Political Sciences, which when it comes down to it, it’s getting back at a nation. Your parents, your friends and your country. It’s a huge “fuck you” to everyone and everything. 
At least it wasn’t Philosophy, which makes Poli-Sci seem like a degree in a hard science(I actually wanted to get a bachelors in Planetary Sciences). When it comes down to it, a Poli-Sci degree is like an extended high school diploma, you still need more classes to get a real degree that can be useful. 
Father Guido Sarducci has a pitch on why you should be an artist. I wish You Tube and the internet was available about 12 years ago. It might have helped me to head to art school. Where I’d be in a mock turtle neck, sleeves of tattoos, a string of ex-girlfriends who are now all girlfriends while I’m drowning in sorrow in my whiskey painting abstract breast of my past girlfriends. 

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