Jonny Crossbones

Sometimes, you have to hate people. It’s not out of spite, but jealousy of their style. That’s my feelings on Les McClaine’s Jonny Crossbones. It’s a wonderful story of adventure. The only downside is that it’s the reason why there haven’t been more Middleman stories out. 

You might call it a rip on TinTin, but you my loyal readers would be a wrong. The only thing that it shares in common is the clear line style that Hergé made popular so many years ago. That clear line is the bees knees and this all age story makes me happy that once Dark Horse collects this, I can be proud to show on my shelf next to the Middleman series that I have in my collection. 
Of course there is a lot of similarity to Hergé’s TinTin in terms of the lettering. Lots and lots. 

Of course it helps a lot that his Gretchen Fiveash looks a lot like my wife that it makes me like the comic even more. 
Read Jonny Crossbones, and when it comes out in a dead tree edition, purchase it, incase you missed the second chapter of the story. Since Les McClaine’s deal says that he has to keep one month up at a time except for the first chapter of the story, we miss things if we start up late. 

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