Punkin’ Lucian

Lucian started to throw up after they dropped me off at the airport this morning. He’s been swallowing a lot of mucus the last few days, that’s the guess anyways, and he threw it all up this morning. It’s been a gag and hurl sort of thing. 

But the silver lining is that he’s okay now and has been asking to go to school. I want to encourage this line of thinking. He needs as much schooling as he can get and having a health love of learning is a good step in the right direction. 
So far, I don’t need to push to hard. He’s already breaking out this “computer,” that helps him recognize letters and numbers through games. He’s getting better at it. In the last few weeks, he’s only gotten it wrong once and was him trying to get me playing along. 
He’s also learning to use the trackpad on my laptops. 

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