One of the best thing from yesterday

I don’t mean the Astroboy shirt, hat and bottle from my friend. No, that was a different level of awesome that has it’s own post. I really liked how much my son loved the stuff too. And his friends were all very interested about the new movie that’s coming out next year too. This movie looks like it might do Tezuka proud. Which is a great thing. 

This was something different. I was at Lucian’s school again, helping with lunchers that took a nap. I was helping getting the mats out and placing a sheet over them so the kids would have something to sleep on when, of course, the phone rang. It was my coworker Maritza. She had no clue where I was and if I had my phone on me. I told her where I was. She wasn’t able to get to a computer either to fix something. 
I wasn’t sure if she knew that I was telling the truth about being with there great kids. So I held up the phone and told all the kids to say hi to Mrs. Maritza. They all yell hi. I think I heard Maritza turn a little red on the phone. 
That was a good moment yesterday. A different level of awesome from the Astroboy thing, but it was still awesome. 

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