Two Ds and a F

I’ve been gone for a while. Last week I spent doing two things, working and playing. I worked from home one and a half days and then spent the rest of the week with my son at his school. I was surrounded by 30~50 3 – 5 year olds for at least eight hours. 

I was tired by the first night. I was exhausted by Halloween. I was miserable by 8 as the pressure changed gave my a sinus headache that would have produced Athena. But that was only small portion of the memorable week. 
I spent three days volunteering at my son’s school. I was going to do one day, but by the end of the first day, it felt very fulfilling that I was able to spend time with all the kids who know my kid. Plus I felt like I was with people who had my mindset, but not the vocabulary. I was running for about three hours with these kids. Before it was lunch. Then nap. Then back to running for the rest of the day. 
I helped put down the children. I even got two of the never nappers down two days in a row. The instructor was impressed that I was able to do that two days in a row. The second day I did sleep next to Lucian. The third day I was eating lunch with them, but I couldn’t sleep. I wanted to, but I couldn’t. 
I was Frankenstein’s Monster to them the first two days. We played freeze tag; me v. everyone. Duck, duck, goose, they chased me, I chased them. I had a little girl nail sharp enough to cut a diamond scratch my neck and take off  piece of my nose. Kids screaming in my ear with joy. I scraped up my knee and left hand while riding a tricycle. I had parents take three or four takes while I was running with the kids. Me 5’10”, them 3′ something” and I can keep up. 
It was awesome. 
I think I found one of my favorite vacation spots now. Spending time with children. Making them laugh and getting in exercise. 
My wife talked to a few of the parents while they were dropping off their kids and apparently I was a topic of discussion, “Lucian’s daddy! Lucian’s daddy!” I was also called, “Mr. Melissa’s husband.” That made me laugh. 
I forgot to get pictures of what went on this week. I’ll get those up as soon as I hook up Melissa’s camera to the computer and upload everything. 
Switching subjects. 
Just a reminder for everyone, this friday, JCVD comes out to theaters. Watch it!

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