Gym Fun

I was at a kid’s birthday party it was at a gymnastic studio. This huge warehouse of a place that had floors that felt like every step made you jump a few extra  inches. It was awesome. I wanted to play with all the kids, but I didn’t want to be the only adult playing a kid. 

I took off Lucian’s shoes. And left him go off with the kids. He wanted to go outside. He didn’t want to go on the trampling floor. He just want to go. After I took him to the bathroom. He started to look at the kids some more. The fun they were having and after telling him he had to take his shoes off to play. He started to come around and wanted to have fun. 
Then about ten minutes after starting to play, he started to slink away. TO start having fun with the other places that he saw the kids playing. The giant pit of foam squares. 
At this point in time I took off my shoes to started to get Lucian out of the pit. Then I started to go with Lucian to keep him from wandering around again. 

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