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So I’ve gone to WordPress for a web comic that I’m currently doing right now. I’m finishing the sixth page right now for this first story. I’ve been meaning to hammer out these stories for such a long time, but I always want to tell these long form stories. Now I’m just forcing myself to tell short, six to eight page stories that I want to tell. Maybe do something longer. The upside is that I’m working on something. It’s been a real long time since I’ve done that. Downside, the WordPress thing that I’ve chosen only allows me a one page a day. So on the plus side, I have up until the eighteenth planned out. 

I’m also going to be switching up tools when I draw. This first story was done on Corel Canvas X with the pencil tool. It’s sloppy. Next up, I’m going to try what one of my favorite illustrators does and use Illustrator. 
I’m also probably going to move this blog to WordPress as well. I’m really impresses with WordPress 2.5, it is leap and bounds over 1.2 when first tried an install. 
My son is also drew something.  Here it is.

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