Apple Flaws

I’ve been an Apple user for a long time. A really long time. There was a time that I almost switched over. I’ve been comfortable with Windows. Never delved into the Linux world. But I’ve always been a Mac users. 

Now I’m seeing some cracks in the perfectly molded Apple face. I think it has to do with Apple stretching themselves to far, to quickly. Apple makes great products, almost so stunning that everyone else starts to follow in their steps for design. 
But the writing was on the wall when Apple had to shift over the OS team to the iPhone team to get the product out on time. On top of that the launches of Mobile Me and some bugs in the Apple OS/software lines are starting to show up. 
There will be about three updates in under five months. I don’t remember the last time that has happened. Outside of security updates, this is has been pretty rapid for Apple.

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