I just found out that Movable Type 4.1X is bloatware. Bloatware is something that just takes up too much of the computer to really be called a good product. While I have to admit that Movable Type is a good app, it’s bloated. It’s really bloated. It’s the reason why I can’t save anything without having to worry about getting a Error 500. Supposedly Movable Type 4.2 is getting rid of all of these problems. 

At least that’s what they write. I have my doubts. I’ll need to follow up on a few sources to see if that’s the case. I had no troubles adding app to the server or starting it up, it’s been interesting since then. I’ve actually been adding entires to this blog since I’ve switched over to Movable Type. I prefer it to WordPress. I like the elegant coding styles and lack of PHP to worry about. 
I have on You Goddamn Fucking Cunt an install of WordPress 2.6. I’m going to poke around under the hood to see how difficult it is to actually use. Might be that I’ve been wrong about it and that skinning that bastard isn’t as hard to use as it was as the original 1.X version. 
2.X is suppose to have some killer features that I think would work really well in community settings to allow linkage between people. A true feeling community from entry to entry. 

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