Batman Gotham Knight

Batman Gotham Knight was something else to watch. I wasn’t expecting it to be basically one long story broken into six parts, 9 if you count the first story. The first story really sets everything up, the feel the vide and everything else. You start off with a story about what different people see when they see Batman. It’s basically one story with four parts, the base story of these kids telling what they saw with Batman and the neck that connects them all together. 

The same thing goes for the rest of the animation. It’s six stories with a different director interpreting Batman in a different way. But it’s basically one big story broken down. You get the essence of Batman and all the players in Gotham, but just vast different styles. 
It’s a nice trip. 
Batman is voiced by THE bat-voice, Kevin Conroy, the man who made Batman from the first animated series done in the nineties. There are a few other voices that would be recognized. Also the directors are all well know anime directors and the writers are all well respected. 
The only thing I don’t get with the Gotham Knight is the replacement of Rene Montoya. They have another character, the same person, different name. I just wonder why they excluded her?

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