The Middleman

So, let’s talk about something important today folks, the Middleman. The Middleman is the guy saves the world from the weird. He also has a new hired named Wendy Watson. Together, they save the world and talk really fast. 

In someways it reminds me of the witty banter of Hudson Hawk. Without the use of the F-Word. This show is on ABC Family, so the f-bombs are covered under the guise of black boxes over the mouth and a beep. There are a few. Wendy is a potty mouth and the Middleman drinks milk and listens to country older than this country. 
This show is all fast talk, low-fi and wonderful action. 
It also has the chairman from Iron Chef American as Sensei Ping, you can watch Episode three here.
So all you jolly ranchers out there, make sure you get yourself to see the Middleman and make it apart of your life. 
Also soon, The Middleman complete collection is coming out July 25th. It should be a good comic to read. All things considers it’s about 340 pages of awesome. There is an appearance by Waldo in the book with a group of fighting Luchedores. 

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