Dirtiest thing today

So far this is the dirtiest thing I’ve seen today. It’s from an eBay post from a store in Indiana.

Nightwing and Killer Croc

  The Nightwing and Killer Croc two pack. Just seeing Nightwing in this pack he looks as tall as a LEGO mini-figure. Killer Croc is at least six inches tall. Good amount of detail. It’s one of the few things that Mattel is good at is the six inch scale. But this figure doesn’t have


I Am Elemental

I backed a Kickstarter campaign for a series of action figures aimed for girls called I Am Elemental. The idea for the toys is that the person who plays with it is the toy. So they the elemental factor of the toy.

Overkill tuning

Transferred the chest plate from Bludd to Overkill. Still need to add/create soft goods cloak. Draping over the left robotic arm and covering the lower portion of the face. Trying to get as much of the chest plate and Cobra logo to show up as possible. Not completely sure on color palette for the character.

Major Bludd revised

The lower Zartan legs weren’t cutting it, so Ripcord’s Renegades lower legs were substituted. Much better.


I think that’s overkill. Never knew the character. It was after my time. But the idea is sound. This is just the put together on the character. Ripcord accelerator suit legs, Lowlight body, elbow from BAT and lower arm from a Star Wars Build A Character.

Major Bludd

Working on another kit-bash to make a modern Major Bludd. Bottom legs are the point where might need to try something else.