The Bride part 3

After looking at the pieces, there would have to be modifications to creating the Bride to make her work. Everything from torso to legs have to reworked the Bride to look like the Bride.

First up is the legs. The upper legs of Storm Shadow didn’t work. They were too wide to use. It wasn’t a simple option of using the knees on the upper legs. The lower legs had to be boiled and the knee pins popped. Swap out a the woman knees and placed it in on the lower Storm Shadow legs.

Neither did torso of Scarlett. The neck was too short for the Invisible Woman head. Rise of Cobra Covergirl neck is perfect, but requires some work to her torso. Breast pockets and ID badge has to be removed.

The only part of Scarlett that is usable are her forearms. Covergirl has bare forearms and doesn’t work with the track suit that Uma Thurman’s wears in Kill Bill. Boil, pop, reattach.

Here is a comparison between Scarlett, mockup Bride and Covergirl.