C’mon Telcoms

When people start to tell you that they want to start upping prices, I get suspicious. Especially when it’s telcoms telling us that they want to up prices on people who are using a lot of bandwidth. Wired has an article about this little thing that AT&T want to start charging more for people who use more. Which might make sense on some level. But on other levels, it’s sets a bad precedent. The infrastructure for the internet might be upgradable for more usage, in which case, since the US is pretty far low on the bandwidth scale internationally, should up capacity. 

The use of the internet is never going to go down as long as people get more and internet set-top appliances. When you start charging more it’s a good way to get a quick buck. Double dipping and such. 
I call horseshit. Where is BOP? Where is the future and why isn’t it here. 
[AT&T says that in 2010 the 3G data will travel about 20MBS over air, which is about halfway between as 801.11B and G. Which is pretty damn fast.]

And this is the best that I could come up with right now

I was trying to figure out last night what would be the best thing for a blog set up. I sort of failed on that. Instead I had some Greek food, called a good friend and then sat around in my boxers watching movies until my wife called and we could talk. 

I’m also looking to get the old entries from the previous blog back into this blog. But that’s a huge maybe. I sort of like starting over. But the stuff that I had in 1009, I might want to re collect that. 

I have made a change

As you can tell, I’ve made a huge change to this site. I changed blog engines from Textpattern to Moveable Type. I did this… I don’t know why I did this move. I thought it was time to get on the wonderful software from Sixapart. 

I know I need a complete and total redesign now, but I have no clue what the hell I’m suppose to change it too now. I’ll get to that soon-ish.