Not that type of shaved, but I shaved my face. I’d been about a week or so without shaving. I never intended to spend the week here. Luc got sick and stayed in Phoenix. So I was without shaving stuff for a week. I just purchased some Fusion razors for the first time. Fuckin’ Christ, who thought up this racket. $13 for four. Someone is making bank of these bastards. 

But I digress, after shaving, I feel like a million pesos. 

Sick Kid

My son is sick. It’s nothing too bad to worry about. Pink eye just means that he can’t be in class with other kids. I don’t mind working from home, sure I’m stuck in Phoenix but I get to spend time with my son. That’s the best part of the sickness. Getting to spend time with my son. 

The sickness part is a horrible thing, but just being there is good. 
And I get to watch the Rugrats with him. I love the Rugrats.

Placing all these files so they would fit properly.

Like that wasn’t a mouthful already. I’m getting use to all the neat new things in MT. Like the format on upper right side of the entry box. There are so far, six different ways to post crap to the blog. Which is pretty weird when you think about it. There are something that I’d really like see work, mainly the cross-publishing things. I’d like to post to about four different blogs at once. Might make my job easier. Might also have to ask some other’s about upgrading to 4.X so I can do that some more. 

Oh and I have a headache starting. That’s pain in the ass.