New Mutants 98

I sold New Mutants 98, the first appearance of Deadpool, and it sold well(oddly enough, so did the first appearance of Gambit, ‘the gayest X-Man’). A friend of mine couldn’t understand why it sold for so high. So I explained it like this, “I wouldn’t put it in the same league, but it’s like getting a first edition Jane Eyre and you can see that Bronte signed it, and lightly, you can see that he sister wrote bitch on it.”

JCVD The Early Movies

I have this weird love of early Jean Claude Van Damme movies. Especially the earlier movies, but man are these movies are dogs to watch. Horribly acted movies that are the equal to bad porn acted movies. Where you had to fast forward to the action.

These movies were horrible to watch when there was acting going on. Fight sequences were excellent. Acting was probably made up on the spot to connect the the action or the montages. Or an ass shot. That might have been a contract thing that Van Damme wanted in there. “I want to see my ass eight feet tall on the screen at least once.”